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50 Cal BMG – 660 Grain FMJBT – PMC -500 Rds.


50 BMG Ammo

660 GR FMJ

Muzzle Velocity 2910 FPS

Muzzle Energy 12408 FT LBS

Brass Case

Primer Boxer

Product info of 50 Cal BMG – 660 Grn

50 Cal BMG – 660 Grain is been loaded in  two different ways and you can shoot this50 Cal BMG – 660 Grain from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. The main way is for nothing. Hell, they’ll even compensation you to shoot it – however you would be wise to not make some other arrangements for the following two to six years. The subsequent way costs cash, however nobody will at any point shout at you for making your bed mistakenly when you request from outdoorammory.com.

Features and Benefits of 50 Cal  – 660 Grain

  • 10-round box
  • Produced to NATO specifications
  • .50 BMG caliber
  • 660 grains
  • Noncorrosive primers
  • Reloadable brass cases

Specifications of 50 Cal BMG – 660 Grain

  • Hunting – Species: Hog/Predator
  • Number of rounds: 10
  • Grain weight: 660

What’s in the Box?

Federal Premium® American Eagle .50 BMG 660-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

50 Cal BMG - 660 Grain
50 Cal  – 660 Grain

Important Product and Safety Information

Besides the deal or shipment of this item to occupants of specific wards is precluded. In fact check your nearby laws prior to requesting this item. Check your nearby laws for some other guidelines.

Consequently we suggest the utilization of defensive eyewear at whatever point utilizing or close to the utilization of this thing.

Thing might be dispatched utilizing Ground Shipping to the touching 48 states as it were.



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